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Welcome to Free PSN Cards. Your #1 source for Free PSN Cards!
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Want to get Free PSN Cards? Follow the simple 3 steps below to get your Free PSN Cards today!
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Step 1. Sign Up
Free PSN Cards
To get started on getting Free PSN Cards, click the Points2Shop link or the Green button below.

On the page that comes up, under the picture of the PSN Card, click the link below to get signed up. Follow the instruction on the sign up page and check your email for a conformation email.

You'll receive 250 points for signing up that can be used towards your PSN Card.
Step 2. Make Points
Free PSN Cards
Once you have signed up for Points2Shop, its time to start earning points.

On Points2Shop's website you can do a variety of things to earn points and/ or cash. To earn points and/or cash you can:
- Watch Videos
- Play Games
- Daily Surveys - Payout is $1
- Offer completion competitions
- Team competitions
- and more!

If you dont feel like completing offers or playing games, they have a friendly Shoutbox where you can make new friends and even ask for help when completing offers or how to redeem your Free PSN Cards.
Step 3. Redeem Your Free PSN Cards
Free PSN Cards
Once you've earned enough points for your Free PSN Cards, it's time to redeem it. Points2Shop allows you to purchase items from's website.

Just do a simple search for "PSN Card" in Points2Shop's Reward Gallery.

Also if you want the code to be sent via email, Points2Shop also offers the emailed PSN Card Codes.

If you need any further help, feel free to pop in the Shoutbox and ask, or send me an Email.

I hope this site was a helpful to you in your journey searching for Free PSN Cards! If so give our Facebook page a like by clicking the link below.

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